Raiders 2020 schedule game-by-game predictions

With the Raiders 2020 schedule drop now a couple of weeks in the mirror we at Vegas Autumn Wind thought we’d have a sit-down and dissect the wins and losses for the coming season. Of course, it’s too early, there’s been no rookie camp, training camp or pre-season.

So with that in mind, and an expanded playoff picture this season. Let’s make our way too optimistic, too early rundown of the 2020 season.

Raiders 2020 schedule first half

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Week 1: @ Panthers
The Panthers are a team in flux, with a new QB, a new head coach and a team that was gutted in most of their games last season. The only real negatives about this game are CMC and the fact is clear across the country. WIN 1-0

Week 2: vs Saints
And so begins a run of four of last seasons playoff teams. The Saints are always a tough ask with Drew Brees at QB, and they are expecting to make another run at the Super Bowl. I think this comes a year too early in the rebuild but it’s a good barometer of progress. LOSS 1-1

Week 3: @ Patriots
Even with the loss of Tom Brady the Patriots still possess Bill Belichick and he won’t let his dynasty go down without a fight. This will be closer than in previous years, but the fact it’s on the road seals the deal. LOSS 1-2

Week 4: vs Bills
After reaching the playoffs last season with a young and hungry defense, and a QB who runs better than he throws, at least in terms of consistency, the Bills will be looking to make a run at the Patriots AFC East crown. This is a real prover game in the Raiders 2020 schedule that will show us just how far the team has come. LOSS 1-3

Week 5: @ Chiefs
I really want to call this a win, but even I can’t be that optimistic. With the Chiefs returning the majority of their Super Bowl-winning roster this will be a tough 60 minutes. LOSS 1-4

Week 7: vs Buccaneers
Having faced Tom Brady’s old team the Raiders must face his new one straight after the bye-week. The Bucs are stacked on offense with Evans, Godwin, Gronk, and Brady, so don’t be expecting a happy night. LOSS 1-5

Week 8: @ Browns
The Browns have some quality but by mid-season, they are usually melting down as one ego or another will be throwing tantrums about something. This is the game where the easier stretch of the season begins, and the Raiders show their mettle by hanging tough despite a tough run to start the season. WIN 2-5

Week 9: @ Chargers
The Chargers are rebuilding while not rebuilding. Moving on from Philip Rivers with Tyrod Taylor, or maybe Justin Herbert by this point, and without Melvin Gordon, I think the Chargers are a worse team than in 2019. WIN 3-5

Raiders 2020 schedule second half

Promising end to Raiders 2020 schedule © AP Photo/Tim Ireland
Promising end to Raiders 2020 schedule © AP Photo/Tim Ireland

Week 10: vs Broncos
The Bronco’s first trip into Allegiant will not see them leaving happy. Drew Lock needs to prove he’s the future and the Bronco’s defense needs to prove they can return to their alleged dominance. I don’t see either happening this year. WIN 4-5

Week 11: vs Chiefs
Despite the return game being in Vegas, the less said about this matchup the better. LOSS 4-6

Week 12: @ Falcons
Another game clear across the country and a tricky one to call as the Falcons have perenially underachieved with their offense. Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Matt Ryan should be in the playoffs every year, but that defense and offensive inconsistencies let them down. WIN 5-6

Week 13: @ Jets
The Raiders 2020 schedule makers really didn’t like us as they hand out a back-to-back East Coaster. But the Raiders are built better than the Jets, and there’s no doubt that Gruden can out-coach Gase. WIN 6-6

Week 14: vs Colts
The Colts were bad last year behind Jacoby Brissett, but playoff-bound the year before. Philip Rivers isn’t the QB he was, but this is the biggest prove-it game of the season. Having fought through some awful scheduling, the Raiders finally head above .500 as they prove they’re on the up. WIN 7-6

Week 15: vs Chargers
The return game against the Chargers sees the Raiders on a roll and looking to wrap up the second spot in the West behind the Chiefs. I really don’t know what to make of the Chargers, but their QB position is a huge question mark still. WIN 8-6

Week 16: vs Dolphins
The final home game of the Raiders 2020 schedule sees the rebuilding Dolphins come to town. Will Tua Tagovailoa be starting at QB, or will it still be the erratic Fitztragic? Tua is the only wildcard in this bunch, and while they’re not tanking anymore they are a couple of years behind the Raiders rebuild. WIN 9-6

Coach Gruden will be happy by the end of the Raiders 2020 schedule
Coach Gruden will be happy by the end of the Raiders 2020 schedule

Week 17: @ Broncos
A visit to Denver with a chance to seal a playoff spot for the first time since 2002. There’s something poetic about it being the Broncos that will see us over the line. 9-7 will probably good enough with the expanded entry in 2020, but that won’t matter. WIN 10-6

There are some massive hurdles to overcome in the Raiders 2020 schedule. With 4 of 8 road games on the East coast and a brutal run of opponents in the first six games it will be a test of mental strength as much as physical. But I’m optimistic the Raiders are finally back!

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