$11m Raiders Kenyan Drake signing is strange

With the systematic destruction of the incumbent offensive linemen in Las Vegas, the $11m Raiders Kenyan Drake signing seems a little on the strange side. While a good receiving back, with solid upside as a replacement for Josh Jacobs should the worst happen is a definite need, the timing, and amount of the contract is highly questionable.

Kenyan Drake, entering his 6th year in the league is somewhat of a journeyman already. Playing the first three-and-a-half years in Miami, and the next one-and-a-half in Arizona, Drake has amassed 3,130 yards rushing on 695 carries at 4.5 per carry, and 169 catches for 1,244 yards. With 33 touchdowns all-in he represents a good solid addition to the roster.


Raiders Kenyan Drake is a solid depth, receiving option running back on big money (© PFF.com)
Raiders Kenyan Drake is a solid depth, receiving option running back on big money © PFF.com

But despite all the decent numbers, Kenyan Drake has rarely looked like a top-tier running back. His shiny new 2-year $11-million one hundred percent guaranteed contract makes him not only the highest paid running back on the roster, owing to Jacobs still being on his rookie deal, but also the leagues 13th-highest paid rusher.

Don’t get me wrong I quite like the Raiders signing Kenyan Drake. He’s proven to be a good solid back in the NFL and has very little wear-and-tear as he’s rarely been used as a number one back. And the Raiders Kenyan Drake usage will certainly not look like a RB1 situation unless something disastrous happens to Josh Jacobs.

But is he double the player Devontae Booker is? Possibly. But in a reduced cap year the Raiders Kenyan Drake signing looks so out of place it’s baffling. Not only have the Raiders stumped up more total cash than the Seahawks paid Chris Carson they’ve given him double the guaranteed money. Yes Chris Carson has had his injury issues, but he’s far superior…and a RB1.

With so many holes to fill and glaring needs created by the front office, splashing the cash on a luxury item that’s really just a low-use middle of the road option really has me wondering just what the plan is with the Raiders Kenyan Drake. It seems like an extension of the plan hatched last off-season for Lynn Bowden Jr. Let’s hope this one works out a little better.

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